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Highlander:  Live to ride another day

 ~ Expect something LIKE THIS 


Space is limited.  RSVP quickly and get your spot.  Rain will cancel  ~

Route: Challenging & technical, with bumps, tight switch-backs and diminishing radius.  In other words, the good stuff :-)   Lunch in 831 area code.

On the menu:  Zayante, Granite Creek, Highland, Eureka Canyon :-) 


Meet at: Starbucks - Safeway at 12960 Saratoga Sunnyvale Road, Saratoga, CA

Meet-Up Map Link =

When:  Sunday June 1st, Arrive 9:00 AM; KSU 9:30 AM

Pace: Not fast.  Not slow.  Just Right.

Gear: Head to Toe.  

Motorcycle:  Yes, bring one with you.  

Words of Wisdom:

- Please review Liability Release statement at THIS LINK

- Proper gear, a working machine and gas in the tank is highly recommended.

- Ensure you and your motorcycle are in good working conditions.

- Ride within your comfort zone and leave room for bad karma.

- Ride staggered in straights. In twisties single file and 2-3 seconds apart.

- Lead may pass slower traffic when it's safe. You don't have to. Remember, someone will wait for you at turns, so just relax and have fun.

- Leads will maintain the Pace according to road conditions with safety of all riders in mind. Be mindful of others in the group. Let faster riders get ahead of you by moving to the right and signaling them to pass you. And if you want to pass the rider(s) who are in front of you, make sure to do so safely and without startling them.

- Do not make unsafe passes, or pass from the right.

- When we stop at gas stations, fill up. That may be the only gas stop of the ride.

- If you need to leave early, be sure to tell the lead and sweep. Be in the back of the group when leaving so no one follows.

- It's a good idea to have road side emergency and towing service membership (e.g., AAA). It pays off after one tow.

- Carry water and snacks.

- Good stuff to read before going on group rides (CLICK).

- Please keep an eye for the rider(s) behind you so they won't take a wrong turn. If they get lost, we all have to go look for them:





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